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Yanzhou Coal Mining

Yanzhou Coal Mining Co., Ltd. is a domestic and overseas listed company controlled by Yankuang Group Co., LTD., which was listed in Hong Kong, New York and Shanghai in 1998. In 2012, its controlling subsidiary, Yanzhou Coal Mining Australia Co., Ltd. was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, making Yanzhou the first and so far the only coal company in China to have four domestic and overseas listing platforms.
Yanzhou Coal Mining Company has grasped the development trend of global economic integration and capital flow globalization, adhered to the coordinated development strategy of entity operation and capital operation, steadily implemented industrial extension, regional layout and capital expansion, and initially constructed the global industrial strategic pattern of "three-side support" of entity industry, logistics trade and financial investment.
Yanzhou Coal has always been adhering to the core values of excellent quality and integrity-based, adhering to the company's growth and the development of shareholders and employees, economic growth and environmental protection, social harmony, conscious and self-fulfilling social responsibility, has won the general recognition of employees, the society and the market.
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