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Guinarsan dewatering machine passes the acceptance before the owner

Date:2018-04-04 Hits:

On March 29, a five-member delegation of Guangzhou Water Supply Company and its subsidiary Xintang Waterworks came to Guinarsan to conduct the acceptance inspection of centrifuges purchased by Xintang Waterworks. The acceptance criteria are based on the reference to GB10901-2005 and JB/T4335-2001, combined with the technical agreement requirements and operating experience, based on the principle of high and low to be developed, including a total appearance inspection, start-up test, Operational test, vibration test, noise test, water addition test, etc. In the three-day acceptance process, relevant personnel of the company accompanied them all the time and actively created acceptance conditions. The final result: all indicators are higher than the acceptance criteria, and can be passed once. Sent to the scene. Through this acceptance activity, the user unit has increased its understanding of the company and has given high appraisals in terms of production capacity and product quality, and has also made some pertinent suggestions for company management. I believe that with the help and support of many friends, Guinarsan will be even more brilliant tomorrow.

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