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Power Plan

State Power Investment

State Power Investment Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "State Power Investment") was established in June 2015 by the reorganization of the former China Power Investment Corporation and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation. Aiming at building a state-owned capital investment company, the State Power Investment Corporation plans to build a new group with high standards and high starting points, strives to be a pioneer in the reform of state-owned enterprises, and strives to build a world-class comprehensive energy group.
State Power Investment is one of China's top five power generation groups. It is a comprehensive energy group company with electricity as the core and integrated development. The total installed power capacity of 131 million kw, including thermal power 74.64 million kw, hydropower 23.79 million kw, nuclear power 4.48 million kw, solar power 13.74 million kw, wind power 14.59 million kw, clean energy accounted for 47.18% of the total installed power capacity, with distinct characteristics of clean development. The annual power generation is 422.609 billion KWH and the annual heat supply is 171 million gigajoules. It has a coal production capacity of 78.6 million tons, electrolytic aluminum production capacity of 2.535 million tons, and railway operation length of 627 kilometers.

National electric power investment is one of the three major nuclear power development and construction operators in our country. With a number of nuclear power plants in operation or under construction in Hongyanhe, Liaoning, Haiyang, Shandong and Rongcheng, as well as a number of coastal and inland plant site resources, it is the main body, carrier and platform for the implementation of third-generation nuclear power independence, as well as the leading unit for the implementation of major national science and technology projects for large-scale advanced pressurized water reactors, and shoulders the glorious mission of national third-generation nuclear power independence, industrialization and internationalization. It has a complete industrial chain and strong technical strength in nuclear power R&D, design, engineering construction, related equipment and materials manufacturing and operation management.

National power Investment is one of the world's top 500 enterprises. It has been on the list for seven years in a row, ranking 395th in 2018. The company registered capital of 35 billion yuan, total assets of 1045.1 billion yuan, the total number of employees 140,000. It has 9 listed companies, public listed companies, including 2 Hong Kong red chip companies and 5 domestic A-share companies.

State Power Investment is an international company committed to global business. Overseas business is distributed in 41 countries including Japan, Australia, Malta, India, Turkey, South Africa, Pakistan, Brazil, Myanmar, involving power project investment, technical cooperation, project contracting and construction. Controllable installed capacity of projects invested in operation was 30.168 million kw, while controllable installed capacity of projects under construction was 12.9 million kw.

 We will build world-class clean energy enterprises with global competitiveness by promoting coordinated industrial and regional development, internationalizing development and building international brands, and taking the modern state-owned enterprise system with Chinese characteristics as the guarantee.

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