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Harbin Qunli Sewage Treatment Plant


     Guinarsan (Qingdao) Machinery Co., LTD., for this renovation and expansion project, provides the turnkey project of sludge dewatering room:

Six sets of horizontal screw settling centrifuges

Two sets of sludge thickeners

All auxiliary equipment (screw pump, dosing device, screw conveyor, control system, etc.)

Removal of original equipment

New equipment installation and commissioning

The technical difficulty of this project is that the sewage treatment plant needs continuous operation, and the project should be completed under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the water plant.

After undertaking this project, Jian Nathan carefully organized, conducted detailed research, deployed experienced project managers to the construction site, and overcame a number of technical difficulties to successfully complete this task.

Jian Nathan's technology, installation, commissioning, service capabilities have been recognized again.

Harbin Qunli Sewage Treatment Plant (Harbin Kangda Environmental Protection Investment Co., LTD.), the overall treatment scale of 300,000 tons/day. Factory is located in Daoli District Qunli New District Shangyou Street 1500.


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