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Guangzhou Water Supply Company was founded in October 1905, development has become a collection of tap water production, sales, service and a variety of management as one of the large state-owned water supply enterprises. There are 19 departments and offices, 6 water plants (excluding standby water plants), 1 pressure station management office, 1 raw water management office, 4 water supply branches, 4 auxiliary units, and 5 holding (equity) subsidiaries. The total length of the water supply network is 5861 kilometers, with a designed comprehensive production capacity of 4.4 million cubic meters/day and a total water supply capacity of 1.478 billion cubic meters in 2015. It is the largest service unit in the total water supply of China.
In recent years, the company adheres to the scientific concept of development to lead the overall development of water supply, constantly strengthen the construction of water supply, and strive to improve water quality, service and management level. In 2004, Nanzhou Water Plant, the first drinking water purification plant in China with a water supply capacity of 1 million cubic meters per day, was built, opening the door of water supply modernization in Guangzhou. On September 29, 2010, Xijiang Water Diversion Project, the largest and most far-reaching super large water supply project in the history of Guangzhou water supply, was officially put into operation. In November of the same year, Xintang and Xizhou Water plants biological pretreatment project was completed. In December 2012, Jiangcun Water Plant was officially put into operation as the first pilot membrane treatment technology upgrading project. The membrane treatment process scale is 50,000 tons/day, which is the largest membrane treatment process scale in Guangdong Province. So far, Guangzhou has formed a new pattern of high-quality water sources with the East River, the North River and the West River simultaneously. The quality of water supply in the central urban area has been significantly improved, and the ability of water supply security has been comprehensively enhanced.
The company firmly around the overall goal of ensuring terminal services, a comprehensive water supply assurance service platform. One is to constantly improve the whole process of water quality monitoring system construction, water quality testing capacity to fully cover the "drinking water sanitation standards" (GB5749-2006) requirements of 106 testing items, the company factory water quality all meet the requirements of the new national standards, water quality comprehensive qualified rate of 100%, at the same time the first of the country's most detailed water quality publicity way, Promote water quality transparency, extensive. Secondly, more than 300 remote monitoring points of flow and pressure have been set up in the water plant, pressure station and water supply pipe network to conduct real-time analysis and regulation of water supply conditions within the scope of the company's water supply, and constantly optimize the operation of the pipe network. In 2015, the qualified rate of water supply pipe network pressure reached 99.38%. The third is to carry out water supply service in the city's 34,000 residents of the secondary water supply pool cleaning. We will comprehensively promote the fine-grained management of water supply services in different areas, and strive to improve the water environment for residents. According to the "Guangzhou Service-oriented Government Construction Series Research Report" published by Guangdong Provincial Situation Survey and Research Center, water supply service in Guangzhou ranked second among 40 public services in the city for seven consecutive years from 2009 to 2015.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Guangzhou Water Supply Company will continue to uphold the enterprise spirit of "quality water supply, honest service", adhere to the policy orientation of public welfare enterprise, take the market as the orientation, make use of its own industrial chain advantages, relying on professional ability, develop into a domestic first-class comprehensive water service provider with water utilities as the core and integrated development of construction, operation and service. Strive to complete the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and realize sustainable development.

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